Welcome to Chez Brett

Where dreams come true, as long as there's beer


Since we've all been too lazy -- er, I mean, busy -- none of us have gotten around to putting together a real website for the magical experience that is Chez Brett's.

Actually, I've at least made a start, though it's nothing impressive yet (and may never be). There's nothing much to do yet, but there are at least some links.

Links (finally more than one!)

Oktoberfest stuff -- let me know if you want to go!

[DEAD 2020-12-15] The official Chez Brett group on Yahoo

[DEAD LINK] The just slightly less official weblog site

The haiku that finally got me off my ass to put up a site

Sometimes we like to googlewhack

Directions, on the off chance you don't know how to get to Chez Brett...

...and on the even more off chance you won't even try to show up, here's a short tour (er, but long download!) of Chez Brett

Lambert's Cafe, Home of Throwed Rolls


[DEAD LINK] Somebody grabbed my description of Cocoa Crunchies in alt.beer and put it up on a page full of drinking games! (Go rate it if you like playing it!)

Russ Perry Jr