Handhelds (etc) for trade (maybe for sale)

The list of handheld games available (some have pictures below):

  • Castle Einstein [I,B (some scuffing)] [one battery cover missing]
  • Castle Name That Tune [I, B, play money]
  • Coleco Head To Head Electronic Baseball
  • Coleco Head To Head Football [battery door missing]
  • Coleco Head To Head Football
  • Coleco Head To Head Hockey [I]
  • Coleco Zap!
  • Coleco/Tomy Copter Fight [not electronic! BB game]
  • Entex Electronic Poker [battery cover missing] [MAYBE will trade]
  • Galoob/Toy Town Space Chaser [electromechanical]
  • Ideal Maniac [B (one side loose)]
  • Konami Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 [battery door missing]
  • Lakeside Intercept [I,B,pieces]
  • Mattel Baseball
  • Mattel Soccer [B beat up; unit in great shape]
  • Mego Fabulous Fred [I, B (some damage), board, pieces - 1 blue missing)]
  • MGA Xuxa [unopened]
  • Milton Bradley Flash-Wits [some acti-plaque, tested recently]
  • Milton Bradley Milton [I,B, power supply]
  • Nintendo/Nelsonic Starfox watch [I, shipping box]
  • Nint. Sup. Mario World watch [I,"B",earphones]
  • Nintendo/Nelsonic The Legend Of Zelda watch [I, B]
  • Playtime Invader [pseudo G&W shape with stand-up bar!]
  • Radio Shack 12 - Computerized Arcade
  • Radio Shack Dinosaur Attack
  • Radio Shack Highway [G&W style]
  • Radio Shack Plane & Tank [G&W style]
  • Random House Quizzard [I,B]
  • Sears Electronic Basketball [battery corrosion]
  • Sears Team Play Football (Coleco) [some corrosion on 9V contacts]
  • Tandy Cosmic 1000 Fire Away [B]
  • Tandy Super Cobra Copter [battery spring hanging loose, but repairable?]
  • Tiger Baseball [sticker torn off, kinda dirty]
  • Tiger Caesars Palace Horse Racing [tested recently; works fine]
  • Tiger Copycat
  • ? Tiger Deluxe Football [I,B] [maybe available; can't find this one!]
  • Tiger Double Dragon Watch [I,"B"]
  • Tiger Half Court Com. Basket. [dirty]
  • Tiger Ninja
  • Tiger Street Fighter II
  • Tomy Blip [battery door missing, electromechanical]
  • Tomy Blip [B (some scuffing), electromechanical]
  • Tomy Digital Daredevil [electromechanical]
  • Tomy Hit And Missile [electromechanical]
  • Tomytronic Tennis
  • Vanity Fair Computer Bowling [battery door missing, sticker]
  • Waddingtons The Games Machine [B]

The older stuff here is used, sometimes well used, so feel free to ask about condition. Just about everything here should be considered "as-is"/untested as I'm not about to go out and buy all kinds of batteries to try them all out. Some worked a while ago, but it's been a while since I tested them, so I still think of them as untested, and so should you. I don't know if any of this stuff is particularly rare...

[I] = has instructions
[B] = has box
["B"] = still has plastic hanging-display shell (rather than a box)

Some things I'm looking for:

  • Entex Select-A-Game and/or Adventurevision stuff
  • cartridges/cards for Gamate, Mega Duck, Supervision and other portable systems
  • odd handheld stuff that took cartridges (like the Game Child)
  • Entex handhelds in good shape, especially Galaxian & Defender (the two Entex handhelds below with missing battery covers will be available for trade if I can get better ones for myself, otherwise aren't available; ask for status).
  • classic game watches like Pac-Man, Frogger, or Q*Bert
  • religious Gameboy games
  • foreign Microvision carts
  • any videogame stuff I still need; carts, pongs, whatever
  • cash, possibly
Tiger Ninja Tiger Ninja game
Milton Bradley Flash Wits MB Flash Wits game
? Invader Invader game

Russ Perry Jr

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